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10 Beautiful Bedroom Color Combos

There’s nothing wrong with a bedroom decorated in neutrals or simple white. But perhaps you’ve grown tired of the lack of color and are ready for something a bit more lively. Bringing color into your bedroom doesn’t have to mean going all-out with brights, or creating an overly stimulating atmosphere. Here are 10 beautiful color combinations that look fresh and stylish yet won’t take away from your bedroom’s restful ambiance.

1. Yellow, Gray, and Teal

For proof, take a look at the bedroom shown here. Four black walls might be overly dark, but with the contrast of a golden yellow accent wall, the room takes on a cheerful glow. Mix in the teal blue upholstered headboard and touches of teal in the throw pillows, and this unique color combo has just enough contrast to look interesting without becoming too much.

2. Chartreuse and Pink

Here’s a gorgeous traditional-style bedroom that is anything but old-fashioned thanks to the unusual color scheme. Green and pink might be a popular palette for a little girl’s bedroom, but choose a soft pink and chartreuse green and the look grows up. Check out this bedroom—the yellow-green on the walls, curtains, throw blanket, and pillows have a modern edge but isn’t harsh or bright. The soft pink upholstered armchairs and wonderful pink animal-print fabric on the bench and throw pillows are mellow without any hint of saccharine sweetness or girly immaturity, and the dark brown accents further confirm that this is a master bedroom, not a child’s room.

3. Coral and Dark Green

A lot is going on in this bedroom, but the coral and hunter green color scheme is just subdued enough to keep things under control. The striped coral-and-white ceiling is very whimsical, but the dark green toile fabric on the headboard, throw pillows, and drapes adds a bit of sophisticated French flair. The unique ceiling light, white vases mounted on the wall, and yellowish-green stools at the foot of the bed add extra pizzazz to this contemporary take on French style.

4. Black, White, and Green

This bedroom isn’t for the bashful. Not everyone is brave enough to choose brownish-black for the walls and ceiling, but this bedroom shows what a great choice that can be when done right. The room is airy, not stifling, thanks to all of the white balancing the black. Add accents in various shades of green throughout the space, and the room comes alive. The dramatic ceiling fixture, unique artwork, and overstuffed white headboard are the crowning touches to a beautiful bedroom.

5. Cobalt Blue, Brown, and Yellow

This bedroom shows that you don’t always have to avoid color just because your room is small. The cobalt blue wall is a strong focal point, but because it includes built-in shelves and an alcove for the bed, the overall effect is enlarging, not enclosing. The soft gold, brown, and white palette throughout the rest of the space further increases the roomy feel of this bedroom. Bare floors, simple window coverings, stripes, and simple lines are all additional methods of making a small bedroom look larger than it is.

6. Red and Taupe

This eclectic bedroom mixes a variety of styles to great effect, all set off by the unusual color combo of red and taupe. Red isn’t the easiest color to use in a bedroom—it’s bold and stimulating, the opposite of what one generally wants in a sleeping space. But quiet it down with equally saturated walls, but in a soothing color instead of an exciting one, and the room achieves balance. This bedroom displays great use of pattern—notice all of the different designs here, yet there isn’t a hint of business because the palette is simple and the patterns are all in the same scale. The crystal chandelier and orange tones in the drapes mix up the décor a bit. A stunning example of a bedroom color done right.

7. Pink, Gold, and Black

Pastels are undeniably soothing but can look washed out or juvenile if not done properly. This bedroom shows how to do pastels right in a master bedroom—the pink-washed walls might be better suited to a girl’s bedroom if not for the large gold painting over the bed, echoed by the gold and orange tones in the antique area rug. But it’s the strong lines of the black wrought iron bed that brings the pastels here firmly into the grownup zone. The lesson here—all it takes is a touch of black to give pastels a contemporary edge.

8. Purple and Brown

A bedroom decorated in a palette of brown is placid but can lack interest. A bedroom decorated with too much purple is just the opposite—interesting but too dramatic. The solution? Combine the two in a perfect mix of serene and bold. Look at how the plum-purple throw blanket and pillows used here add just enough strong color to wake up the brown bedroom. The carpet adds to the mix with a checkered pattern of soft taupe and pale purple. This is an elegant color palette that is perfect for a traditional or contemporary bedroom style.

9. Black, Gray, and Gold

Looking for a glamorous bedroom color scheme that practically shouts out luxury and sophistication? Look no further than this elegant bedroom’s palette: black, gray, and gold. Of course, it’s not just the color combination that makes this room so glamorous—it’s also the many touches of metallic shine, the luxe accents of embroidery and embellishment on the bedding and throw pillows and the symmetry of the bedroom furnishings that make this room so traditionally elegant.

10. Blue, Gray and White

Here’s another bedroom that doesn’t sacrifice tranquility to achieve a sophisticated style. It’s the blue bench, throw pillows, and artwork that take this otherwise gray and white bedroom from attractive to something more—beautiful. The pattern is also used skillfully here—the floral artwork, lattice pillow, and stylized floral area rug give the extra oomph this subtle palette needs to shine.

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